Music and Love.

So cool
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Happy Anniversary to my awesome parents @cursebreakers & @cursebreaker2 may u have a 100 more! Ur greatest yrs just started!
#love #unity

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“@ChurchizActiive:Another night of Heaven on Earth with Pastor @traceyarmstrong.I know the increase our Church needs is here!!! AMEN BRO :)

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RT“@JosephPrince: What u give to God will surely be returned to u with a supernatural increase. #GodIsARewarder”

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Great things are yet to come in the house of the Lord! #GreatExpectation

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“@ChurchizActiive: Mixing Faith with Doubt is like a Rose with the sense that when it eventually blooms, its hard to hold on to.

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As water reflects a face so a man’s heart reflects the man. Proverbs 27:19

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Omg jus found out that Chuck Norris is in his 70’s… This man looks the same like he did 40 yrs ago. CRAZZZY!! lol

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RT @jdongeorge: West Texas Wisdom: “You can’t stay over what God has put under u unless u stay under what God has put over u.” Nuf said!

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Trials are just preparation for what GOD has prepared for you. So keep in faith!!!

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Excited for food tonight @TheLifeChurch! There is nothing like the word..

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Our church is passionate..
Our church is committed..
Our church is hungry
Our church is bold…
Our church is LIFE CHURCH

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Thank you father that you are my source, my strength, and my motivation. Igniting a passion in me that is bigger than myself.

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If u lick the lollipop of mediocrity, you will suck the rest of your life.

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Without having GOD in the frame of my life is like connecting the dots without forming a picture.

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